Titan K-9 Exclusive Approach

At Titan K-9, our instructional programs are grounded in real world scenarios with practical, functional information. We don’t follow fleeting internet trends; instead, we prioritize tried-and-true methods. Juan places a special emphasis on understanding your unique characteristics and those of your dog. The core objective is to establish a genuine relationship between you and your furry companion, ensuring a harmonious and comfortable coexistence.
Every dog, with its own set of traits and characteristics, is a unique and special member of the family. Recognizing this, pet owners who genuinely care about their dogs understand the importance of a skilled and dedicated instructor. Having a professional who can guide both you and your dog to a point where your bond is not just about basic commands for treats but a deeper understanding of each other is key. It’s about fostering a connection that goes beyond mere obedience.

Rooted in Ethology: Unveiling Canine Behavior

Our methodology is deeply rooted in ethology, a field that has substantially enriched our comprehension of animal behavior, particularly in the case of dogs.
The ethological perspective on dog behavior stems from the belief that dogs carry inherited behavior patterns from their wild forebears, like wolves. Our approach, influenced by Ethology, commences with an in-depth exploration of wolf behavior. This not only provides insights into the behavior of domestic dogs but also forms the basis of our understanding and interaction with them.
Building a bond with your dog is not only enlightening but also a joyous journey that yields tangible results, extending far beyond the typical “sit-down-stay” routines. Through our programs, you’ll achieve not just those basic commands but unlock a world of possibilities and deeper connections with your furry companion.
At Titan K-9, we ensure that you and your dog embark and stay on the right path. Our training program is centered around education and the cultivation of a strong bond.

Explore a range of available tailored canine services at Titan K-9, including:

1. Foundational canine interaction
2. Advanced canine interaction
3. Behavioral modification
4. Housebreaking expertise (for both puppies and older dogs)
5. Specialized puppy lessons
6. Training programs designed for older dogs
7. Canine socialization techniques
8. On-leash and off-leash interaction guidance
9. Tailored behavior modification for timid dogs
10. Effective aggression management towards dogs, children and strangers
11. Resolution strategies for barking, chewing, and digging behaviors
12. Food Aggression behavior modification training

Enhance Your K9 Interaction Skills as a Dog Owner:

1. Problem-Solving through Individualized Communication:
   Tailored solutions for overcoming communication obstacles.
2. Leash Freedom Mastery:
   Ensuring your dog stays close, even when you’re pretty sure they won’t run away.
3. Communication Amid High-Level Distractions:
   Techniques to maintain effective communication in distracting situations.
4. Precision Commands:
   Mastering sit, down, stay, recall, and loose heel with precision and finesse.

We Work With All Breeds, All Ages & Sizes

Explore a range of available tailored canine services at Titan K-9, including:

Initial Evaluation (required)
Initial Evaluation | 30 Minutes – 1 Hour
Schedule your personalized face-to-face assessment by calling or texting (480) 322-6934. To secure your evaluation appointment, a non-refundable evaluation fee of $25 per dog must be paid. However, if you commit to your dog training within (5) calendar days of the initial evaluation, your $25 fee will be to the the total cost of your training package. It’s an investment in your dog’s well-being,
Private In-Home 1:1 Sessions | 1 Hour
Private In-Home 1:1 Sessions | Up to 1 Hour
Embark on a journey of tailored canine education with our private 1:1 in-home training sessions. Juan brings expertise right to your doorstep, addressing your dog’s specific needs in the comfort of their familiar surroundings. From behavioral refinement to obedience training, these sessions focus entirely on your dog’s unique requirements, fostering a strong bond and a well-behaved companion. Elevate your dog’s training experience with individualized attention and see transformative results at the heart of your home.
Board & Train Program
Board & Train Program
Explore our Board & Train programs at Titan K-9, where your dog can stay for a designated period to receive customized instruction. In collaboration with RSK in Bullhead City (Risen Star Kennel), this program offers comprehensive training. To kickstart your Board & Train experience, an initial evaluation with Titan K-9 is required to tailor the program to your specific needs.
Dog Sitting Services
Dog Sitting Services
Our Dog Sitting services cater to the unique needs of your furry companions, offering both convenient drop-in visits and comfortable in-home boarding options. Our drop-in visits, lasting 30 minutes, ensure personalized care for up to four dogs at $35 per visit. For each additional dog, there is a nominal fee of $5.00. Please note a $5.00 Holiday surcharge applies during festive seasons. For in-home boarding, please contact us for pricing.  Pricing may vary based on distance, ensuring fair and transparent rates for our valued clients. Rest assured, your pets are in expert hands with us while you’re away!